... and no extra charge! rather rare in Spain!
We own a small dog and we know perfectly the difficulties encountered in Spain to find accommodation or just go to a restaurant.
And when the presence of your animal is "tolerated", it will cost you between 12 and 15 € per day!
The residence is located in the middle of a huge green area and 150m from the beach where you can run your dog freely, however respecting certain times!
We will also show you the restaurants that accept our loyal companions.


Xana with Christian and Siham from Marocco
Xana with Christian and Siham from Marocco

When booking, we had an imperative that was to find a rental that would accept our dog Xena, (Spanish dog from the Canaries Islands). The size of this dog and unfortunately the reputation of dog said "dangerous" make it almost impossible to move with it ...
After a phone call with Patrick, everything was accepted!
We had booked 10 days, we stayed 17 days.
Description quite in line with the website, comfort, friendliness, availability ...
Adorable owners!
The village "Las Chapas" is very pleasant, human size, pretty and the smell of pines, top !. The residence is very well located, clean, well maintained, located 2 steps from the sea with several choices of beaches that will satisfy everyone, residents are smiling, a large pool, the balcony overlooks a beautiful view with a nice park or our dog could walk, run and meet other similar 4-legged ...
Claudie and Patrick came to greet us for our departure and make him meet Jade, their pretty Yorkshire.
Conclusion: If you want to live a pleasant stay on the Costa del Sol, then no hesitation, you are at the right place. Siham and Christian (Morocco)


Drako with Maria and Ismaël, from Madrid
Drako with Maria and Ismaël, from Madrid

In Spain, it is very difficult to find vacation rentals where dogs are accepted. Our stay was very pleasant, place very well located quiet area with supermecaphos, bars, restaurants and very close to the beach (a paradise for drako). well equipped cool and clean, very good views of the sea, urbanization with green areas and a very large pool perfect for family holidays and the kindness of the wonderful owner .... And the most important thing is that we could put our dog drako.

Nemo, a precious border collie  with Noël and Oniglia who came for the second time !
Nemo, a precious border collie with Noël and Oniglia who came for the second time !

After 3 weeks in February 2018, we returned for 1 month in March with our new companion Nemo, a 15-month border collie full of energy and who could have fun at the sea or in the green zone surrounding the Coronado.
Every morning the walk by the sea was an opportunity to meet a multitude of comrades dogs German, English, French, Spanish and often in the afternoon it was the group recreation on the lawn of the park next to the residence .
Of course we are always very satisfied with the reception of the owner and the benefits of the apartment, more admiring still of the climate and the beauty of the landscapes but the big winner of the holidays is undoubtedly Nemo who promised to return the next year and do 1200kms to see his comrades again.


Elena de Madrid with Timperry
Elena de Madrid with Timperry



The tranquility, the cleanliness, the superb view sea and gardens and the small details of the house which make the holidays very comfortable.
And the most important thing is that I was able to come with my little dog!