Rent a car 


Very often, I have been told that some rent a car 's companies are not fair with customers trying to increase the bill with unnecessary extras ! Then, as soon as you have confirmed your reservation - after payment of the deposit therefore - we will also indicate the URL of a site that will present you the best comparative offers of car rental and you will mainly say how to avoid the "commercial traps" withdraw your vehicle.

Airport Taxi


For those who do not wish to rent a vehicle, there is the taxi solution; the tariff is generally between 70 and 85 €uro to deposit you at the foot of your residence.


We propose you to book a private taxi which will take only 40 € during the day.

Of course, only with the balance of your rental - 30 days before arrival - we will give you the details of our private taxi.


We have no financial interest and we will be happy to get you in touch each other.